Parquet Block Flooring

Parquet encompasses all the geometrical pattern flooring types including herringbone, chevrons, mosaics as well as specific patterns like Versailles. Many of these patterns are enjoying a revival, particularly herringbone patterns which use larger battens giving a contemporary twist to a traditional look.

Whilst many parquetry blocks are of unfinished solid timber which are fully bonded to the sub floor and then require sanding and finishing in varnish or oils at Good-Wood-Floors we also have a range of pre-finished engineered parquet blocks in various species and finishes in herringbone and chevron design now adding the benefit of an enormous variety of choice in shade and finish.

Oak Prime


Hardwax Oak Blocks


Engineered Pre-finished smoke oaked parquet blocks


Prime Oak Blocks Herringbone/2 Block Border


Prime Oak Blocks Herringbone


Prime Blocks

Kingsbridge, Devon


Great Billing

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