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If you have an existing wooden floor that is looking old, tarnished, and in need of some tender loving care, Good-wood-Floors can help. You will be amazed at the transformation that can be achieved by sanding the wood back, and re-finishing it with lacquer, oil, or wax.

If you dislike the colour of the floor once sanded, we can stain it to a darker colour to achieve a new look to meet your requirements. We will always endeavour to undertake a small ‘test’ sand prior to commencing work, to ensure that the colour of the wood once sanded will be acceptable to you. However, it is important to be aware that wood is a natural product, and as such we cannot be held responsible for the colour of the newly exposed floor.

Flooring Restoration Process

There are many types of wood floor that can be restored. Whether your floor is a tiny parquet design, or a classic oak herringbone, or even more modern planks, we can achieve a miraculous transformation. The process involves uplifting any existing flooring, and removing all furniture from the room. We will then repair or replace any missing or damaged blocks or planks. Once this has been achieved, the floor will be sanded using a variety of sandpaper grades to guarantee a smooth finish. The floor will then be primed, and your choice of finish applied.

We only use the most modern machinery, so that dust from the sanding is kept to an absolute minimum. It is estimated that the machines intercept 99.5% of the material produced. We also use only water-based products, therefore ensuring that your comfort is not upset by pungent smelling solvents.

We can supply a number of ‘finishing touches’ to your newly restored floor. We can supply bespoke thresholds and beading to ensure a neat edge to the room. We also recommend supply a number of ‘finishing touches’ to your newly restored floor. We can supply bespoke thresholds and beading to ensure a neat edge to the room. We also recommend that you purchase a cleaning and maintenance kit that is specific to the finish you have selected for your floor. This will ensure that your wood maintains it’s ‘new’ appearance for as long as possible.


Please note that whilst we will endeavour to keep disruption to an absolute minimum, you must be prepared for the room or rooms in question to be out of action for a period of time. The sanding and sealing process will normally involve a day of sanding, then another day for the first coat of seal to be applied. Although this will only take an hour or so, it will not be able to be walked on for up to 12 hours following the application. We will normally then need to apply second and possibly third coats, which will need the same time to ‘cure’ before they can be walked on. Furniture and/ or rugs should not be put back on a newly sealed floor for 48 hours after the final coat has been applied. We always recommend that you fit felt pads to the legs of your furniture to prevent scratching. We would also recommend that outdoor shoes are not worn on the floor, as any grit that is attached to the soles may scratch the seal.


There is a difference between the three types of finishing materials that can be applied to your floor.

A lacquer will sit on the surface of the wood, and therefore provide a visible protective layer. Our lacquers are available in gloss, satin, or matt finish. An Oil will actually be absorbed by the wood, and therefore actually penetrates up 10mm into the surface.

Oil will accentuate the grain pattern of the wood, and is therefore widely used on Oak floors, as it gives a rich, golden finish to the wood. Wax is more labour intensive to apply, and has the benefit of being a natural product.

A Wax will penetrate into the wood, but does not accentuate the grain as an oil will. It does also provide the benefit of a protective layer on the surface of the wood, and gives an attractive golden finish.


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