Multi-ply Wood Flooring

multi-ply engineered wood flooring is constructed together with many layers of ply wood which could range from 4-12 layers of ply.

Not all but most multi ply engineered floors have ply wood which is cross layered, glued and tightly pressed together enabling the wood to be extremely strong and durable throughout the whole plank. Just above the multiple layers of ply wood there is more plywood which forms the tongue and groove which allows the board to be laid securely. Above the tongue and groove the plank is then completed with a solid hardwood wear layer which will be finished and stained to the end user requirements.

Multi ply engineered flooring is known for being more resistant to moisture and a change in temperature from 3 ply simple because many compact layers form a more stable plank than 3 larger layers.

Oak Multi-ply Board


Smoked Oak Coloured


Oak Rustic


Oak Rustic Including Stairs



St Albans

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