Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a really popular flooring solution for anyone who is seeking a wood flooring option that’ll stand up to moisture and temperature differences, or to fit over under floor heating.

Engineered wood flooring is essentially a man-made flooring board that is made with wood products. It has been developed over the years and is now a real contender for the top spot, even in rooms where moisture and temperature changes aren’t an issue.

This flooring product is constructed by bonding together anything from 3 to 12 layers of ply that, in some cases are cross-layered and then glued and pressed together to create a really sold core board. Thereafter, there’s typically either a hard or soft plywood element that provides the tongue and groove element of the board. Once the core boards have been created they’re topped off with a solid wood top layer or lamella of pretty much any species of wood you can imagine.


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